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Thieves Steal Safe from Cornerstone Church

A break-in at a church netted the burglars nothing. Placer County Sherff’s Public Information Officer Dena Erwin says thieves broke into the Cornerstone Community Church on Dry Creek Road some time Wednesday night. Erwin says there were two or more suspects and no money in the safe, but was very heavy.

“They stole a safe from the Cornerstone Community Church. I understand it was a pretty heavy safe, we we’re assuming that there is more than one suspect involved. But he broke a window to enter the building, broke another window to an office and left a lot of other things behind and just took the safe.”

Several important papers to the church were stored in the safe. Investigators believe the suspects may have abandoned the safe when they found no cash. Anyone with information about the safe is urged to call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 889-7800.

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