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Three Accidents Keep Local CHP Busy

Three accidents, one a suspected DUI, occurred overnight. In the first collision, the drivers at the front of the line stopped for the red light at the corner of Highway 49 and Lime Kiln Road, but a driver coming up behind them didn’t hit the brakes in time. According to Officer Greg Tassone the accident occurred around 6:00 PM Wednesday.
Click here to listen to Officer Greg Tassone

The vehicles were pushed into the intersection, but no injuries occurred. Tassone says that when officers arrived they quickly determined that the driver that hit the stopped vehicles was under the influence and administered a field sobriety test. The female driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

In another accident a short while earlier on Highway 49 between the Banner over-crossing and the Gold Flat exit, CHP officers initially thought it involved injuries. However, it turned out to be a vehicle versus deer.
Click here to listen to Officer Greg Tassone

A third accident occurred Thursday morning involving a vehicle versus tree in a rural area of Lime Kiln Road near McCourtney Road.
Click here to listen to Officer Greg Tassone

The CHP assisted the man with getting his vehicle away from the tree and back onto the road.

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