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Three Car Accident Ties up Highway 49 at the Bear River

A good samaritan became the victim of a three car accident. CHP Officer Cindy Morgan says the accident happened on Highway 49 near the Bear River just before ten at night. A 2005 Mitsubishi driven by a 67 year old woman Grass Valley started to hydroplane while she was north bound and struck a 2004 Nissan in the next lane causing both cars to start spinning. A third car a 2007 Audi driven by a 24 year old Sacramento man pulled over to call 911.

“Thinking that the other vehicles were spinning over towards the opposite side of the roadway, he took his seatbelt off and his passenger started to call 911. Unbeknownst to him, the number one vehicle was not done spinning and continued to hydroplane and spun, striking the rear of the number three vehicle as it was on the shoulder.”

The driver of the first car was taken to Auburn Faith hospital with non life threatening injuries. All the cars involved received significant damage. The accident remains under investigation.

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