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Three Pot Arrests in Yuba County


It’s marijuana harvest season and crimes related to the theft of mature marijuana plants are escalating. The Yuba County Sheriff’s office has made three arrests just last week regarding the theft of mature marijuana plants.  Lt. Damon Gil with the Yuba County Sheriff’s department describes the latest incident on Ella Ave when officers were called to the scene of a robbery with shots fired.

“When the deputies arrived, they did find a marijuana garden and a resident had told them that two subjects, a male and a female had approached him in the backyard of the residence and the man pointed a gun at the victim and basically advised him that he was robbing him.”

The victim struggled for the gun during the tussle shots went off.  The victim was able to wrestle the gun away from the suspect. Both suspects were able to get away on foot.

Antonio Chappelle 25 a parole was later arrested and booked into the Yuba County Jail for attempted robbery and weapon offenses. Deputies continue to look for the female suspect.

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