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Three Separate Incidents Involving Women Attacking Men

Three incidents over the weekend where women were the aggressors in domestic violence. The first incident occurred Friday night when a couple began to fight after a celebratory dinner. Following the dinner and drinks, the woman had allegedly become violent. The woman went out to a workshop the couples property and the man went to bed.

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Sheriff Keith Royal says the victim was able to leave the property and drive to a nearby establishment to call law enforcement. As a result, 50 year old Clarin Brown was taken into custody for domestic violence.

In a second incident early Saturday morning, the sheriff received a call from a residence in the town of Washington. The suspect and victim had been arguing when Sheriff Royal says the female suspect went outside.

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The victim at this point tried to call law enforcement and the suspect came into the house and ripped the phone from the wall and then went back to destroying the vehicle. A short time later she came back into the house.

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The victim was able to get away from the suspect and was trying to locate something to cut the bra from around his neck.

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Ultimately the victim is able to control his attacker, but while sitting her down on the couch she attempts to head-butt him.
Fortunately deputies arrive on scene and are able to separate the two. Suspect Angelica Lopez age 22 is taken into custody for domestic violence vandalism, and damaging the telephone.

The third incident occurred Monday morning in Lake Wildwood when a fight between a couple escalated to the point where the male tried to call law enforcement. When the victim tried to find his phone it was nowhere to be found. Apparently the suspect had thrown the phone out the window. The sheriff says while the victim was looking for the phone the suspect came at him.

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When deputies arrived they attempted to take the suspect into custody, but she went limp and had to be carried to the patrol car.
Eventually, Natasha Kurtz, 37 was taken into custody for domestic violence, vandalism, and obstructing a peace officer.

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