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Tis The Season To Be… Not So Jolly

Though it is traditionally known as “the season to be jolly”, it also seems to be the season for increased domestic violence. Evidence of this is three separate incidents occurring over the past weekend. According to Sheriff Keith Royal the first incident involved a woman, her husband, and her ex-husband attacking each other in front of children. The suspect, Christina Salinas, accused her current husband of infidelity.
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At this point the ex-husband, Jason Larson, tries to intervene.
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Larson allowed the victim to get up and leave the vicinity. Meanwhile Salinas grabs her 14 year old daughter by the hair and literally drags her into the house.
Upon arrival deputies were able to establish that Christina Salinas had been the instigator and was taken into custody for child cruelty, battery, and committing a felony while on bail for a previous domestic violence assault. The ex-husband Jason Larson was taken into custody for a number of warrants.

In an incident in Lake Wildwood, a couple was fighting in the presence of their two year old daughter. As a result, Jeremy Norton and mother of his child, Ashley RogersĀ  went to jail for assaulting each other.
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Both Norton and Rogers were booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

Then in Grass Valley on Sunday, a couple got into an argument that escalated to a physical confrontation. Grass Valley Police Sgt Joe Matteoni says that Jason Carter was critical of his girlfriend’s cooking.
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Carter was subsequently arrested for assault, false imprisonment, and committing a felony while out on bail.

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