Rita Stevens

Rita Stevens


Rita Stevens joined KNCO as morning news anchor in 1999. She comes to KNCO following a 20 year career in journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a news reporter for KRON TV Channel 4 and KPIX, and earlier worked in the newsrooms at KNEW/KSAN radio. Rita is a graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. Rita says she came to Nevada County to enjoy the rural pace and finds working in a community radio station like KNCO refreshing. Her hobbies include bicycle riding, and quilting.

Too Close to Home

People in the news business  usually  have terrible eating habits.   We are under tight deadlines to gather information, write stories, answer phones and at the ready to step up when breaking news happens.  All of us in the KNCO newsroom have crumbs embedded in our keyboards and some suspicious blobs of other foods making it hard to read the letters and punctuation marks. Luckily, we’ve been at this so long most of us can type at a good clip in the dark.  We just don’t take or have the time to sit down to a meal like normal people.

That’s why we feel lucky to have the Sandwich Express and Hot Dog Heaven eatery across the parking lot from our station.  It’s not only convenient, but the food is good and you can eat as healthy or NOT as you like.   More than one hot dog and their pretty darn good french fries have been eaten in the newsroom…along with nacho’s drizzled with chili. (that’s Gary’s favorite, but don’t tell his wife!)    I have to say it was quite a shock this morning to hear someone had lobbed a bowling ball sized rock through the front window of Sandwich Express and taken what they could find in the  cash .    Maybe they got away with a few coins that were left in the open cash register.  It just seems so desperate, so sad and too close to home.

At least Hot Dog Heaven and Sandwich Express is open again…with one boarded up window.

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