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Toy Run Very Successful

It was a very successful Nevada County Food and Toy Run on Saturday. The motorcycle riders bearing gifts of food and toys really turned out. Organizer Thom Staser has a rundown.

“It was very successful. We had 1,591 bikes show up. I counted as they passed me at the fairgrounds. Everybody was in a good mood this year from law enforcement to the spectators to the riders to the families to my vendors. I had comments all through the vendor section on just how happy they were and people were buying food and people were dropping off toys. It was just a great day. The weather was perfect and everybody seemed to be very happy.”

Thom says they had enough food to give out to families. There was only one turkey left and just a handful of toys that were not given out they will be donated to a local charity. The 20th annual food and toy run also received several monetary donations from people at the event Saturday at the fairgrounds.  Staser says he is paying the final expenses and getting his thank you list for participants ready to publish…and he says the food and toy run will be solvent going into the New Year.

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