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Traffic Delays in NID Water Project

A public water project will cause some traffic impacts in the Dog Bar, Wheeler Cross and Rattlesnake road areas beginning Monday (Feb. 11th) but when the project is done 14 parcels will be able to draw on NID treated water and the capacity will be there for more hookups in the Rattlesnake Road areas between Dog Bar and Highway 174.  NID Senior Engineer Doug Roderick says the project includes a new higher capacity, 16 inch water main and he explains why NID approved the project.
NID Pipe and fire hydrant click to hear Doug Roderick

The 14 property owners will pay the normal charge for hookup to an 8 inch pipeline and NID is paying the upsizing costs to the 16 inch water main.     Roderick says traffic delays of 20 minutes are expected due to narrow road conditions in the project area.
click to hear Doug Roderick
The project includes all of Wheeler Cross Road and extends north onto Rattlesnake Road about 13-hundred feet.  The contractor on the project is C and D Contractors, Inc. of Nevada City.   The contract is for 90 days but with good weather and if they don’t hit a lot of rock Roderick says it should go a lot quicker.

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