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Traffic Pattern Changes Near Stoplight at LaBarr Meadows and 49

The long awaited implementation of the traffic light that has been installed at LaBarr Meadows Road and Highway 49 will begin this weekend.  Caltrans spokesperson Rochelle Jenkins explains the situation.
Click here to listen to Caltrans Spokesperson Rachelle Jenkins
As a result some local traffic patterns around the stoplight will change as well. Starting Sunday Morning October 28 Residents and visitors to the mobile home community on the east side of Highway 49 that contains Timberland Drive, North Country Road, and Dalewood Way will no longer be able to turn left onto Highway 49 towards Grass Valley using the front entrance of the park. Drivers will need to exit using the NEW northbound Exit located near North Country Road and Dalewood Way. The exit will take you on a one-way road that goes to the light at LaBarr Meadows and highway 49 where you will be able to make a safe left hand turn to Grass Valley. The new gate will automatically open as your car approaches.
Drivers may still use the front exit to the park if you are going to turn towards Auburn.

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