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Transit Technology Improvements Coming to Gold Country Stage

The Gold Country Transit  Service has the green light from county supervisors to finalize a contract for  new Software and Services that  should keep the buses on schedule, and provide fuel savings and lower vehicle emissions.  The  Transit Technology Solution Project in the amount of $117,640 is funded with Proposition 1B funds. There is no impact to the County General Fund. Public Works Director Steve Castleberry told the board the GPS /Automatic Vehicle Locator component tracks bus locations in real time and the software monitors vehicle speed and idling time.
Click here to listen to Steve Castleberry

That’s expected to save $15,000 annually in fuel consumption costs.  and the Diagnostic program will allow them to get ahead of problems so they can be fixed before there is a catastrophic failure.    The Software also includesa  Mobile Passenger travel information will enable passengers to track bus arrival and departure times, bus locations and schedule information through cell phones and computers.
Studies have shown real time transit information builds rider confidence and can result in increased ridership that translates to increased fare revenue.

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