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Trout Derby Saturday at the Fairgrounds

It’s time for fishing at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. The 42nd Annual Grass Valley Sportsmen’s Club Trout Derby at Lions Lake takes place Saturday morning, April 19th. The Derby is for children ages 3-12. Sportsmen’s Club representative Michael Caston says there will be plenty of fish for the kids.
Click here to listen to Michael Caston

Participants are limited to three fish for competition, but can catch and release as many as they want. The three fish will be weighed to determine the winners in each age group, 3-6, 7-9. and 10-12 year olds. The winner of each age group gets a rod and reel package. Then there is a Grand Prize winner as well.
Click here to listen to Michael Caston

About 450 children participated last year so get there early to register. Registration begins at 7:00 AM… Fishing starts at 8:00 AM and ends at noon.

Kids need to bring there own fishing gear, but there will be club members there to assist if there is an issue.
The event is free and each participants gets two tickets for the snack bar too… so everyone is a winner.
Caston says its equally fun to watch as it is to participate.fishing

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