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Trust Act Causes Dilemna for County Sheriffs

Sheriff’s up and down the state want to know what is in the new state law called the Trust Act. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says no one has seen the completed version of the law. He and sheriff’s will be meeting to determine how or if they will implant the law. Sheriff Royal says the meetings will take place this Wednesday and Thursday in Sacramento. The Trust Act involves the holding of illegal immigrants post release of incarceration or court proceedings.
Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

The Trust Act would require the Sheriff’s not honor some holds placed on some prisoners placed by the federal government. The Sheriff’s have been placed in a position of violating federal law if they release prisoners with immigration holds; or violating state law if they do not release the prisoners.  He hopes to have a direction later this week.

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October 8, 2013


Why are "illegal immigrants" even being released?
Why aren't we prosecuting a group of people who are, by definition, engaging in criminal activity just by being here?
Why are policy makers appearing to not only tolerate, but encourage, a group of people who are undercutting American workers in nearly every industry?

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