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Two Arrested and Charged in Weaver Theft

Grass Valley Police tracked two suspected thieves across much of the Brunswick Basin yesterday morning before the pair was taken into custody. Grass Valley Police Captain Rex Marks says Mathew Jennings age 20 and Travis Garmany age 26, both of Nevada City, are accused of attempting to steal copper from the former Weaver’s Auto sales,   stealing merchandise from the location and a box truck that is still missing. Capt. Marks says the crime happened over Monday night into Tuesday morning and after being alerted, officers had two suspects in custody by noontime Tuesday.”

“Through the course of the investigation today, officers were able to recover a majority of the property. The vehicle itself is still outstanding. We are looking for that vehicle. The vehicle is being described as a large, older model box truck, or a commercial grade. That truck is, in fact, property of Weaver Auto Center.”

Jennings and Garmany were booked into the Wayne Brown correctional facility, on charges of burglary, vehicle theft, possession of stolen property and criminal conspiracy, and Garmany was also booked for Nevada County no-bail warrants and being under the influence of an illegal drug.  

The building did suffer damage due to the attempted copper theft. The public is asked if you have any information about the missing box van; please call the Grass Valley police department at 477-4600.

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