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Two Arrested for Drugs and Warrants During Traffic Stop

Two suspects arrested following a traffic stop that began when an officer spotted two vehicles illegally stopped on the road next to each other near Railroad Ave and Idaho Maryland road Tuesday evening. It appeared a conversation was taking place between occupants of the vehicles. A Grass Valley police officer spotted the two vehicles, and apparently one of the drivers also spotted the officer. Lt. Alex Gammelgard says the vehicle made a quick U-turn and drove away. The officer noticed a registration tag violation on the other vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.

Click here to listen to Lt. Alex Gammelgard

Upon making contact with the female driver the officer ran a records check.

Click here to listen to Lt. Alex Gammelgard

Using a combination of information retrieved through dispatch and additional research using his in-car computer the officer identified the driver as 28 year old Brandi Barragan which was not the name she originally provided. Barragan was found to have warrants for her arrest.

The passenger, 42 Troy Allen, was also found to be in possession of paraphernalia which led to a search.

Click here to listen to Lt. Alex Gammelgard

Brandi Barragan was taken into custody on felony false impersonation of a real person and her outstanding warrants. Troy Allen was booked on possession of narcotics and paraphernalia.

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