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Two Arrested for Jewel Thievery

Two people are under arrest after they were found to be in possession of stolen property. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says a victim in Alta Sierra reported the theft of a hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry from her bedroom over a week ago. The home had been ransacked, and the jewelry taken from drawers in the home. The Sheriff says investigators started looking for suspects. Two people were located at the best Western Motel on Sutton Way. When investigators served a search warrant on the people they found suspected met amphetamine and several bracelets.

“We found several expensive pieces of jewelry in the room. We had the owner respond or the victim respond to the hotel and the owner did confirm that those were some of the items that were taken from her residence during the burglary.”

24 year old Alysia O’Donald and 26 year old Paul Dempster, both of Grass Valley, were taken into custody for a variety of charges including suspicion of receiving stolen property. Sheriff Royal says there is still a large quantity of the stolen jewelry to be recovered.


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