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Two Arrested in Honey Oil Operation

Two suspects arrested for manufacturing an illegal substance after two properties were searched over a couple of days. On Sunday the Nevada county Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force executed a marijuana based search warrant for a property on Rodeo Flat Road in the South County. Detective John Dzioba upon says arrival there was nobody at the residence, but there was a substantial amount of evidence of illegal activity taking place.

Click here to listen to Dt. John Dzoiba

Officers also discovered evidence potentially linking this residence to another location on Duggans Road. A second warrant was executed and officers came upon six people at that property.

Click here to listen to Dt. John Dzoiba

An AR 15 assault rifle and 1800 rounds of ammunition were also located.
At that time two suspects, Eric Norbert, 45 and Jillian Terzian were taken into custody for manufacturing the honey oil, conspiracy, and committing a felony while armed. Both are being held on 100,000 dollar bail.

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