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Two Fleeing Suspects Arrested Following Vehicle Stop

Tuesday afternoon Grass Valley Police recognized the driver of a vehicle on Dorris Drive as wanted on active warrants for his arrest. Upon approaching the vehicle the officer witnessed the passenger of  the car refuse to show his hands following multiple commands from the officer. The subject was also reaching for his waistband and then quickly shove several baggies containing suspected drugs into his mouth.
Click here to listen to Sgt Steve Johnson

Following the struggle, the suspect, Christopher Bancroft was able to break free and run- but was chased down within a short distance and detained. The officer was able to retrieve on baggie from Bancroft’s mouth.
Meanwhile the driver, Michael Gordon, took the opportunity to flee in the opposite direction. However, multiple witnesses were able to point back-up officers to the suspect and he was taken into custody about a quarter-mile away.

Both Michael Gordon and Christopher Bancroft were booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional facility on numerous fresh charges as well multiple warrants and probation violations.

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