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Two Men Arrested After Fleeing

Two men attempted to flee from Deputies Sunday morning. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says a Sheriff’s Deputy tried to stop a car on Sutton way Near the Nevada Woods apartments. The Sheriff says just as the car stopped two men took off running from the car with the Deputy running after them. But Sheriff Royal says the driver knew better than to run from Deputies.

“When we stopped the vehicle, we actually found there were three people in the car. The driver conveyed to officers that the two who had run from officers had apparently asked him to get in a pursuit to evade the officers and he said ‘no. I’m not going to jail.’ So then they said, ‘well then, pull over so we can run.’ And that’s what he did. He stopped. They bailed out of the vehicle and the officer pursued after them on foot.”

23 year old Robert Carr and 27 year old Rudi Garcia were taken into custody for suspicion of drug related charges and several no bail bench warrants issued by the court. The Sheriff says one of the men apologized to the Deputy for running. The driver was not arrested.

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