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U-Hauls Tagged in Grass Valley

Vandals armed with cans of spray paint did thousands of dollars damage to U-Haul equipment over the night.  Jerry Hall is the owner of the U-Hall lot on East Main Street in Grass Valley.

click to hear Jerry Hall

Hall says the graffiti¬† will be difficult to remove as it was a lacquer based paint in the spray cans and he doesn’t have an estimate for the damage done.

04-06 Uhaul tagged-Jerry Hall 2

Grass Valley Police have been notified. Hall says the taggers must have done their spray painting some time over the night last night and anyone who saw anything or has information is urged to call the Grass Valley Police.  the paint was pink and green.
Hall says it looks like someone painted small symbols in green and then another tagger came along and painted over it in pink with a larger symbol.

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April 11, 2012


hope they catch them, tagging isnt cool when it affects other peoples' stuff.

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