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Unearthing Nevada City Artifacts

You never know what you’re going to dig up in a city that was taking shape in the California Gold Rush and was created in 1869.  Nevada City Director of Public Works Vern Taylor will be joning City Engineer Bill Falconi as the guest speakers of the Nevada County Historical society tonight as they share the origins of the Nevada City Town site. They will be talking about all the things they have dug up over the years working on the city’s water and sewer lines and he will Falconi says they will also talk about the relocation of the Pine Street Bridge.

“He has a lot of artifacts from it and some of the original parts of the bridge that were in place in that same location from 1862 and 1903. That bridge was built by Halliday- the man that built the cable cars in San Francisco.”

Nevada County Historical Society Speaker Night is tonight at 7pm at the Madelyn Helling Library Community Room. The event is free and open to the public and more information is available on the website Nevadacountyhistory.org.

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