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Unfunded Mandates for Water Treatment is Expensive for Cities

Grass Valley officials are concerned about keeping water sheds clean and free of contamination. However, the cost for maintaining environmental compliance is much greater than available funds. City Administrator Dan Holler says that the City Council is supporting a resolution from the League of California Cities that challenges the State on clean water and storm runoff unfunded mandates.

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Holler says the council is supporting the resolution that was introduced by the City of Los Angeles because all cities are trying to figure out how to pay for system retrofitting and modifications in order to meet compliance requirements.

Click here to listen to Dan Holler

If the LA resolution is approved by the League of Cities at their upcoming conference, it will be used as a lobbying tool to help inform legislators of the cost issues.
Grass Valley is also investigating its designation by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System within the Environmental Protection Agency as it establishes the level of compliance based upon population density.

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