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Unlocked Cars Invite Theft

Car owners are making it easy for thieves.
Over the past several weeks a number of cars in the Nevada City area have been easy targets for thieves as the vehicles have been left unlocked. What’s even more troubling to Nevada City Police is that at least four vehicles had the keys left in them.
Click here to listen to Officer Scott Goin

Officer Scott Goin says there is a coincidental factor between reported burglaries in relation to vehicle thefts. All of the vehicle thefts and burglaries occur on the same days. Goin says police have been successful in locating most of the stolen vehicles.
Click here to listen to Officer Scott Goin

Once again law enforcement is reminding all residents to lock their vehicles and take the keys regardless of where you are parking.

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March 6, 2014

Don Baumgart

Grass Valley Downtown Association and Chamber


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