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Valdman Wants Out of Council Race

A man running for Nevada City City Council doesn’t want you to vote for him. It’s too late for Jonathan Valdman to officially drop out of the race because his name is on the ballot, but he says he is bowing out and supporting another challenger—Evans Phelps. Valdman didn’t immediately return calls to KNCO, but in a statement issued this morning, he says, “My decision to run for City Council has been based on my feelings that the seat opening up needed to be filled with someone who saw that the town is growing and being filled with a new generation, a generation absent of age restriction.” Valdman goes on to say, “Since this time I have learned of another that has chosen to dedicate their time and energy for this seat…”. And he also says “After meeting with Evans and learning about her over 30-plusĀ  years of living here in town, previous local political involvement, and understanding of local business ownership, I was convinced that she is much more qualified for this position.” Phelps and Duane Strawser are now essentially the only candidates for two open seats.

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