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Van Zant Receives Tissiak Award

Peter Van Zant Field Director of Sierra Watch, the Sierra Nevada conservation Group based in Nevada city, is the recipient of the Sierra Tissiack Award from the Sierra Nevada Alliance another conservation group recognizing Van Zant for his decades of service in conservation. Van Zant says he is humbled by the award but seemed more comfortable talking about one of the group’s ongoing projects, Royal Gorge, which has recently fallen into default. Sierra Watch has been communicating with conservancies to be ready to buy the large track at the top of Donner Summit should the owners, who have considered large development of the lands, lose it in foreclosure.

“The Truckee-Donner Land Trust, they’ve been interested in that property for years. We know that TPL has been interested in that property, particularly because of the checkerboard problem. One of the their programs is to buy up some of the checkerboard and reconnect migration routes and have management of watersheds and mountaintops and make things a little more comprehensive.”

The bank’s foreclosure deadline is in late September. Van Zant will be receiving his award Saturday in Tahoe.

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