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Vandal Falls Tree at a Grass Valley High School

A 30 foot tree at the Park Avenue Alternative Education Site was cut down late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning. The mature tree was left lying on the ground and a three foot tall stump remains where the tree once stood.
The tree provided more than shade for the school, it also stood for community. Staff and especially students are not happy that the incident occurred.

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The tree had thrived as a result of staff and students taking care of it and treating it with respect. It was a touch-point for many students.

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Principal Marty Mathiesen and staff are investigating the incident. Mr. Mathiesen is not happy about the vandalism but he is pleased that the student response is not the same as it would have been in years past.

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Students have a theory why a peer would commit such an act.

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Estimated cost to replace the mature tree will run into the hundreds of dollars in addition to time and materials.

Anyone with knowledge of the incident is encouraged to contact Park Avenue site administration.

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