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Vandals Cause Thousands of Dollars in Damage at Darkhorse

Four men were caught playing destruction derby rather than playing golf. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says four men were playing golf at the Dark Horse golf course Tuesday evening and were found jumping the cart over the sand traps. Sheriff Royal says the damage to the golf course was found on the second, third and forth holes.

“Apparently they were having too much fun. They took the golf carts and proceeded to try to jump the bunkers. They damaged holes two, three and four and did substantial damage to the golf carts. Apparently one of them had a totally bent frame and was inoperable.”

The three men have been identified and deputies will be contacting them able the extensive damage. The Sheriff had no information if the men were under the influence of alcohol when the damage was done. The damage to the cart and the course will run into the thousands of dollars.

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