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Vehicle Violation Lands Reno Resident In Jail for Drugs

Either a broken turn signal or a failure to use the signal correctly led to traffic stop and then a far more serious arrest. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says one of his deputies stopped a car and made contact with the driver, 28 year old Reno resident Jaqueline Muehsam. While speaking with Muehsam the deputy noticed a large marijuana plant in a pot in the backseat. Muehsam admitted the plant had been given to her by a friend and she did not have a recommendation. She also told the deputy that everything else in the car was hers except for a dark blue duffel bag. At that point the deputies had Muehsam get out of the car and searched the vehicle. In the glove box were two notebooks.

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Deputies also searched the blue duffel and discovered a partially melted, black painted, container similar to containers drug dealers use to transport drugs in a vehicle’s engine compartment. The deputy checked the engine compartment and found nothing, then checked the underside of the car.

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Muehsam,-Jacqueline1The bag also contained a variety of prescription medicines. Muehsam also had some marijuana in her purse as well as $4500 cash.
Then while booking Muesham into the jail an additional discovery was made.

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Jaqueline Muehsam was booked on a variety of drug related charges.

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