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Vehicles Block Emergency Responders to Yuba River

People enjoying a day of swimming at the Yuba River returned to find their car had been towed over the Labor Day weekend.

Nevada County Consolidated Battalion Chief David Ray says emergency responders had a hard time getting the large fire trucks through  at Purdon Crossing and other areas at the Yuba River during the Labor Day weekend because of the way people park their cars.

“A lot of the times, as you just saw this weekend, CHP was ticketing people on Highway 49. When you get off to Purdon Road, you get off into Edward’s Crossing in the North Bloomfield area, sometimes it’s totally blocked down there as it was on Sunday. We have a very difficult time getting the emergency vehicles into the area that we need to get to.”

Chief Ray is cautioning visitors to the river not to park in areas that will block rescue personnel and vehicles access.  

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