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Veterans Bill Sent to Governor

The full Assembly last week approved on a unanimous 71-0 vote and sent to the Governor SB 10, the “Veterans’ Right to Speak” measure.  Ed Olson, Chairman, Allied Council of Yountville Veterans’ Home says It will give greater representation to California veterans and their advisory bodies in matters before the state legislature.

“At the average age of 78, the veterans in our homes are losing a little bit of their energy, but they still need a lot of support. We represent the veterans in our homes and we do a great job with the administrator. But we know that we can do, also, a very great job when we represent all of the members at the homes when we go and talk to the legislators. So this bill will really make a big difference.”

SB 10 clarifies and expands the rights of veterans’ home advisory bodies, or ‘Allied Councils,’ that give residents at any of California’s six veteran’s home a voice in their housing needs and and care. More specifically, it allows the Allied Councils at each veterans home to represent the interests of their members in matters before the legislature.

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