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Veteran’s Memorial Preservation

The bridge over the Golden Center Freeway at Dorsey Drive is officially named for a veteran who sacrificed his life in the Vietnam conflict. Veteran Fred Buhler says there is a plaque honoring Thomas Cranford that is temporarily being removed during construction of the Dorsey Drive Interchange.
Click here to listen to Fred Buhler

CranfordMemorialIn order to widen the bridge to accommodate the Dorsey Drive Interchange the plaque memorializing Cranford is being handled respectfully. Project Manager, Greg Zeiss explains the process HDR Construction is following in order to transfer the memorial plaque.
Click here to listen to HDR Project Manager Greg Zeiss

cranford_vetsThe Vietnam Veterans of America will formally receive the plaque and move it to the Veteran’s Building.
Click here to listen to Fred Buhler

Zeiss estimates that the project will be complete in Fall of 2014 and at that time the Cranford plaque will be respectfully transferred back to the bridge for re-installation.

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August 21, 2013


Toms cousin Allen worked for me up until his death in Feb. He was always very protective over that plaque. He would be watching this with interest. We will be contacting family members and letting them know what kind of respect is being paid here while the work is being done. Thanks for the story.

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