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Vet’s Building Last Resort For Shelter

It is highly unlikely, but still possible for the Nevada City Veterans Building to be used as a warming shelter for the homeless in the future. Last night, the City Council adopted a memorandum of understanding that the Salvation Army location in Grass Valley be the primary shelter on cold nights, but the use of the Veteran’s Building as a backup, even in snowy conditions, raised concern from area residents. Several people, including this woman who lives and works on Broad Street, spoke against having the homeless in their neighborhood…

Listen to Broad Street resident

Somewhat surprisingly, even Sierra Roots President Janice O’Brien, who ran the emergency shelter for five nights in December at the Vet’s Building, says it’s not an ideal location…

Listen to Janice O’Brien

Several council members, including Duane Stawser, said they would eliminate the Vet’s Building as a backup, if another solution was found…

Listen to Duane Strawser

The Council ultimately adopted wording that would give the City Manager discretion of choosing a backup site if an emergency arises. The memorandum of understanding that was adopted is good for three years.

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