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Vets Building Open As Shelter One More Night

Tonight figures to be the last night for awhile that the Veterans Building in Nevada City will be open as a warming shelter for the homeless. This will be the fifth straight night the shelter has been open. There’s been some criticism that the building wasn’t open earlier last week when temperatures started to drop. City Manager Dave Brennan says he didn’t think the operators and volunteers were ready on Tuesday, Wednesday the building was occupied with Victorian Christmas, and he says Thursday wasn’t cold enough…

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The shelter was open when the snow arrived Friday night and has been open every night since. Brennan says there have been a couple of incidents…

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Brennan says things have improved, and he also says that there’s a positive impact that’s hard to quantify…

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The building is not scheduled to open again for quite awhile–whenever the next severe cold snap hits. Brennan says the neighbors and the Sierra Roots volunteers could all use the break.

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