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Victims Become Suspects in Auburn Drug Incident

An Auburn couple that was shot at and robbed ended up going to jail for drug manufacturing Monday afternoon. According to Auburn Police Lt Victor Pecoraro officers responded to a call of shots fired at a Nott Court residence around 2:15 Monday.
Click here to listen to Lt. Victor Pecoraro

EMMONS,-SEAN-MICHAEL1STARCHILDEMILY1The victims of the robbery and shooting, 23 year old Sean Emmons and 22 year old Emily Starchild, were responsible for the drug lab and now became suspects for drug manufacturing. The original altercation between Emmons and Starchild and the suspects apparently was also drug related.
Click here to listen to Lt. Victor Pecoraro

The quantity of stolen marijuana and the nature of the drug lab have not been disclosed.
The initial robbery/shooting and the drug lab/manufacturing activity  are being investigated as two separate crimes. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Auburn Police Department.

Sean Emmons is being held at Placer County Jail on 510,000 dollar bail. Emily Starchild is being held on 500,000 dollar bail.

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