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Video Cameras Help Catch Suspects in Farad

Monitoring a facility using video turned out to be effective in the remote area of Farad east of Truckee.  Nevada County Sheriff Lieutenant Paul Schmidt says the cameras identified two suspects late Thursday afternoon.
Click here to listen to Lt. Paul Schmidt

Rose-Chad-to-KNCOCHP and Sheriff deputies were dispatched. CHP arrived first and detained a male and a female suspect. Sheriff’s deputies arrived and discovered concealed nunchucks and a set of bolt cutters which led to further investigation.
Click here to listen to Lt. Paul Schmidt

The male suspect, 34 yr old Christopher Rose was taken into custody for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon, possession of burglary tools, grand theft, second degree burglary, and criminal conspiracy. The female suspect, Laura Hallock 56, was booked for conspiracy charges. Both suspects are from Sun Valley, Nevada.

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