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Voltage Cycles releases The Sport

Nevada County bicycle manufacturer, Voltage Cycles, is set to unveil its new electric bike, The Sport, at the I-Bike Expo in Las Vegas this week.  Voltage is releasing its first production electric bike at the largest bicycle manufacturing show in the world.
Voltage spokesperson Gary Law explains how The Sport is different from traditional bicycles.

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The Sport is being manufactured to meet federal requirements and definitions of a bicycle- not a motor cycle- in order to meet the needs of commuters looking for a effective electric solution to gas powered cycles.

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The Sport has a range of up to 40 miles per charge. Mileage may vary depending upon several variables.

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If the battery does get drained, a rider can always pedal in order to reach their destination.
The Sport can be purchased through local bicycle shops including the Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop and will likely sell between three and four thousand dollars.
For more information visit voltagecycles.com

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