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Walden Honored by Public Officials

After a long trip from the hospital in Texas to the Pavilion at Gateway Park in Penn Valley, wounded soldier Brandon Walden was recognized for his sacrifice made to the United States of America. Representative for Congressman Tom McClintock, Kim Pruitt, presented Branden with a United States Flag.
Click here to listen to Kim Pruitt

Nevada County Supervisor, Nate Beason, shared his welcome.
Click here to listen to Nate Beason

And California Highway Patrol Officer, Justin Barnhouse, also a veteran, even tried to recruit Brandon into the CHP.

Click here to listen to CHP Officer Justin Barnhouse

Brandon Walden will celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays with is family and friends before returning to Texas for more treatment and rehabilitation as he recovers from debilitating gunshot wounds received during a July 3rd attack on his base in Afghanistan.

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