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Wallet Full of Cash is Returned in Grass Valley

In the frenzy of shopping activity on black Friday a North San Juan resident dropped his wallet with $904 in cash in the parking lot of Grass Valley CVS on Sutton Way. Not knowing where he left it, he tore apart his home looking for it. Not finding it, he called his bank on Monday to cancel his credit cards only to be told that his wallet had been found and was at the Grass Valley Police station. According to Sgt Steve Johnson the wallet was found by 28 year old John Rappa of Nevada City who turned it into the police department.  Rappa says he is surprised he is getting so much attention.

“If you find a wallet with money in it, you should definitely give it back to the person. I’ve had wallets returned to me before. This world’s really messed up, so it’s depressing to me that I’ve gotten so much attention so far for just doing a normal good deed. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Sgt. Johnson has contacted both parties as the owner of the wallet would like to pay a reward to Rappa for the safe return of the wallet.  Rappa would like to encourage people to put their name and a contact in their wallet to make returning it easier.

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