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Utility Discourages ‘Self Hauling’

Waste Management wants you to have your garbage picked up, rather than you taking it to the dump. The utility is putting together a marketing campaign aimed at those that only take their refuse to the McCourtney Road transfer station. Waste Management spokesman Justin Caporusso says there are about a hundred-thousand vehicles that self-haul their waste to the transfer station, and they would like those numbers to drop…

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Caporusso says Waste Management has been trying to get the word out to those that self-haul their trash, and their efforts are starting to show results…

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Waste Management plans to hand out flyers to McCourtney Road customers, and may also do a direct-mail campaign.


April 3, 2013


People self haul because the cost Waste Management charges for trash cans is more then what it costs to haul a truck load of items yourself once a month. If they lowered their prices for weekly pickups, more people may be encouraged to utilize their services. Just a thought.

April 3, 2013

Dana De Pello

I agree with Marlene, also what about when there are things that are too large for the little cans they offer?Like construction debris, washer, dryer, mattresses or just a bunch of old junk, plus what about the fee they charge for tired?No wonder you see them abandoned all over the place.

May 2, 2013


We use WM recycling program with the large bin; however, we are going to cancel it and go back to taking recycle as well as our trash to the transfer station ourselves because it is just too difficult to transport these bins 2 miles up our road to place them on McCourtney. While the program is a good idea in concept, it doesn't work for those of us who live so far from a main road.

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