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Waste Management Trying to Adjust To Absorb County Fees

Garbage fees in Grass Valley and Nevada City are on the rise. Waste Management contracts with the county to run the McCourtney Landfill and garbage pickup across the county. As a result of an unanticipated fee increase from the County to Waste Management, the company is attempting to balance the books. District Manager, Steve Cameron, says the fee increase from the county is substantial and came six months after Waste Management had entered into agreement with the county.

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To the average rate payer in Grass Valley that looks like an increase of and additional 9.56 percent over the established 2.5 percent rate increase already in the agreement.*

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The average monthly rate would go from $24.31 to $25.44.
Cameron says Waste Management is in negotiations with the county to adjust the fee to help minimize the additional rate increase.

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Each city council member stated reservations about the additional increase, but did vote to approve it. Council member Howard Levine was not present at the meeting.

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