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Water Bond Supports Storage and Restoration Act

With a lack of water in California due to drought this year, water issues are on the forefront of many politicians as time moves toward the November election. Nevada County’s Congressman, Doug LaMalfa along with District 3 Congressman John Garamendi introduced the Sacramento Valley Water Storage and Restoration Act of 2014 in March which addresses the water shortage with water storage. The Act authorizes a study for a new reservoir in Western Colusa County near the town of Sites.


Click here to listen to Congressman LaMalfa

LaMalfa gave credit to California legislators for coming up with the recent water bond act which provides funding for additional storage.

Click here to listen to Congressman LaMalfa

LaMalfa feels the current 7 plus billion dollar water bond will be more palatable to California voters than the original 11 billion dollar bond.

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