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Water Thieves Drain NSJ Fire Station Tank

North San Juan Fire Department PIO Christopher Montelius reports there has been a large theft of water from the fire station in North San Juan. Both tanks where discovered empty on Wednesday  morning. Montelius says “They take a long time to refill. This is a serious issue, since that is the water we use to fight structure our wildland fires around North San Juan.”

Anyone with  any knowledge of this  is urged to contact   North San Juan FD at the Tyler Foote Road station at 292-9159.

“This is a matter of public safety and concerns our whole community – without water we can’t protect your homes from destructive wildland fires.”

“In the interest of public safety, if you see anyone but a fire engine fill up at a hydrant, call 911,” said NSJFD’s Boyd Johnson. “Do not confront the person, just call.”

North San Juan Fire is implementing measures to prevent further thefts, for obvious reasons  will not detail the measures.

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