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Wounded Warrior Comes Home!

The roadway from the corner of Highway 20 and Penn Valley road all the way around to Gateway Park was lined with well wishers. Every tree, sign post and pole had a yellow ribbon tied to it. And the crowd at Gateway Park was cheeringĀ  and waiving flags and signs welcoming home US Army Specialist Brandon Walden returned home for the first time since being severely wounded by gunfire July 3rd in Afghanistan. Long time family friend, Lori Cox, said the reunion has been a long time coming.

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And then Walden’s convoy of CHP and Sheriff escorts arrived at the Pavilion.

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Event host, Jay Cooper, and the crowd greeted Brandon and his mother as they stepped from the yellow corvette and other support vehicle that transported Brandon to the ceremony at the Gateway Park Pavilion in Penn Valley following seven hours of travel from San Antonio where Branden has been undergoing rehabilitation since early August.

An exhausted Walden spoke briefly at the ceremony.

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Brandon was overwhelmed by the crowd and support he has received from family friends and community.
KNCO spoke briefly with Branden following the ceremony and asked how it felt to be back in Nevada County.

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And Walden’s response to the crowd and welcome home ceremony.

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And when asked what he was looking forward to most… Branden’s face lit up as he said…

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Nevada City Elk Chairman of Veteran’s Committee, Will Grenz, says there is a special Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday for all vets and Brandon Walden and his family will be there.

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Branden Walden will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with his family in Penn Valley before returning to Texas for more surgery and rehabilitation.
From all of us here at KNCO- Welcome Home Brandon.

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