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Welcome Home Vets Launches new programs for Families

Welcome Home Vets, the non-profit dedicated to assisting veterans returning home received a grant in October, of last year from Nevada County Behavioral Health under the County’s Mental Health Services Act Innovation funding stream.  The County allocated $140,750 over a three year period for a new project to assist families of veterans. The proposal provides for developing, implementing and evaluating a program to provide treatment and support to families of veterans who are afflicted with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Gary Brown with Welcome Home Vets says they are in the initial stages of developing the program, and are soliciting input from potential consumers through Focus Groups on what help is needed. Brown says they want to get the word out that these focus groups are happening and if people want to call they will be directed to the focus group that would be most appropriate for them

An Advisory Council of professionals experienced in the treatment of veterans with PTSD and their families is providing input and guidance for the project. Veterans currently in treatment were the first Focus Group to give input, with a group of spouses of veterans in treatment making up the second Focus Group. 

Anyone fitting into one of the following categories is encouraged to sign up immediately for the appropriate Focus Group.  Those interested should call (530) 272-3300 and leave a message.  Anyone who is a family member or significant other of a vet who may have PTSD but is not in one of the above categories is also encouraged to call, as additional Focus Groups are anticipated for the future.

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