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What Effects the Price of Gas at Different Stations?

Many of us wonder whats the future look like,  when it comes to gasoline versus other energy-based vehicles.  Wednesday morning Petroleum Manager for Robinson Industries, Don Hoffler, addressed a group in Grass Valley about issues around energy as part of forum on the American Energy Revolution.

When it comes to gas prices In California, Hoffler says the biggest factor that keeps gas prices higher than other states is the California taxes. Seventy cents on every gallon goes to either state or federal tax.  Another difference is branded versus unbranded gasoline.
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The reason brand names cost more is the additives they include to keep engines clean otherwise the quality is about the same. Hoffler has a suggestion for the price conscious person if they want to buy less expensive unbranded gasoline.
Click here to listen to Don Hoffler

In other stories about gasoline and alternatives, Don Hoffler talks about diesel, natural gas, hybrid vehicles and myths about fueling your car.

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