Rita Stevens

Rita Stevens


Rita Stevens joined KNCO as morning news anchor in 1999. She comes to KNCO following a 20 year career in journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a news reporter for KRON TV Channel 4 and KPIX, and earlier worked in the newsrooms at KNEW/KSAN radio. Rita is a graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. Rita says she came to Nevada County to enjoy the rural pace and finds working in a community radio station like KNCO refreshing. Her hobbies include bicycle riding, and quilting.

When One Spouse is Under the Weather

It came on Sunday afternoon just as we were getting ready to enjoy the Sierra Master Chorale Christmas program. My husband, Michael, was seized by an excruciating pain in his lower back that turned his face ashen white and took his breath away.  He managed to get the words out “give me the keys” and the next thing I know he was headed for the car.

Later I found out a volunteer in the lobby got one look at him and offered to call 9-1-1.  He declined and kept going for the car.  At intermission I came out to check on him and found him curled in a fetal position on the reclined seat, still white as a ghost.  “How’s the pain?” I asked. Stupid Question….it was pretty obvious he was NOT feeling better.  He did get out a couple mumbled words, two of which I recognized as “Kidney Stone.”

Yup, that ailment that many who’ve had it claim is more painful that giving birth. For Michael this was a repeat event, having had kidney stones two times before.  He was familiar enough to recognize what was happening.  I got him home and called the Doctor for pain pills, and I forced the man who Hates Water to “keep drinking fluids if you want to get better!”  Three days later, he had a delivery.



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