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Where Congressman McClintock agrees with Occupy Wall Street Protesters

The occupy Wall Street Protesters have been camping out in  the park next to Wall Street in New York for 30 days now. We even had our Nevada County version of occupy Wall Street at the corner of Brunswick and Sutton last Wednesday afternoon.  Nevada County’s congressional Representative Tom McClintock, a republican, says there is one thing he can agree on with the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

“Where I can agree with them on the corporate side is there has arisen a class of crony capitalists who have used government power and government capital to enrich themselves. The prime example is Cylindra, companies that couldn’t stand on their own merit and earn an advantage spot in the market, so instead they turned to the government to force people to buy their product and underwrite their excess. That’s where I can agree with them wholeheartedly.”

Over the past month, the protest against corporate greed and economic inequality has spread from New York City to cities elsewhere across the United States and around the world.

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