Rita Stevens

Rita Stevens


Rita Stevens joined KNCO as morning news anchor in 1999. She comes to KNCO following a 20 year career in journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a news reporter for KRON TV Channel 4 and KPIX, and earlier worked in the newsrooms at KNEW/KSAN radio. Rita is a graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. Rita says she came to Nevada County to enjoy the rural pace and finds working in a community radio station like KNCO refreshing. Her hobbies include bicycle riding, and quilting.

Where do news stories come from?

I’m sometimes asked where do news stories come from?   A lot of times from people in the community. Like yesterday I was at Scott Jackson’s Real Life fitness on Argall Way in Nevada City and Scott asks “Why was there yellow police tape around the parking lot in the strip mall across the street?” I had no idea. But, a call to Nevada City Police explained the suspicious package that prompted a call out to the Placer County Sheriff’s E.O.D. Team. (That’s Explosives Ordinance Disposal Team …I still call them the Bomb Squad.) It turned out to be nothing serious (the package was a wrapped up Christmas table ornament) but at least other people who saw the yellow police tape and the EOD disposal team at work Sunday morning now know what it was all about.

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