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Wild Gray Wolf makes Way to California

A gray wolf that’s been wandering through southern Oregon has made history by crossing into California.  The California Department of Fish and Game says the wolf known as “OR7″ has become the first wild wolf confirmed in California since 1924.  California Department of Fish and Game Senior Policy Advisor, Mark Stopher says the Oregon Department of Fish and Game has been using GPS to monitor the two-and-a-half year old wolf since he broke from his pack and began his journey in search of a new territory to call his own.

“In September, he left that pack. That packs that are in Oregon are small enough that the alpha male and female reproduce and typically, when the males get to be two or three and the females as well as often as not, they will go out on their own or look for another pack to join.”

 Stopher says he got information this morning that Wolf OR7 has now moved over 800 miles tracking back and forth in the dispersal area.  He was born to a wolf pack in northeast Oregon. His mother became the first wolf to recolonize Oregon when she crossed from Idaho several years ago.

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