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William Campbell LOP Fraud Case Continued

Sentencing for William Campbell, the Lake of the Pines man found guilty of defrauding Nevada county residents by selling stocks that did not exist, has been postponed.  Jamie Hoganson with the District Attorney’s office says the delay is due to a failure to properly process paperwork.

“Whenever a defendant is scheduled to be sentenced, they have to meet with probation and probation prepares a pre-sentence report and in this case, the pre-sentence report was not filed timely and so Campbell had good grounds to ask for the continuance and did so.”

Hoganson says the victims that came to give their impact statements were very disappointed.

“Although, the defense was legally entitled to the continuance. We, of course, were not pleased with it. Several of the victims that had planned to speak were inconvenienced. The judge did allow some of those victims to speak and their statements were very powerful. We’re hoping those statements have an effect on the judge’s decision when he sentences Campbell on the 30th.”

Campbell, who was 64 when arrested, pleaded no contest to 11 of   29 felony counts of 532(a) PC (Obtaining money, labor, or property by false pretenses), a felony,  dating between September 2003 and February 2009. He is expected to be sentenced at 1:30 pm on Tuesday December 20th at the Nevada City courthouse.

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